4 Reasons to Get CPR Training in Spring and Summer

With spring in the air, CPR training in Los Angeles becomes more valuable than ever. Between warm-weather activities that endanger people to summer jobs that require CPR certification, here are four ways this training will help you now.

More Exercising in Warm Weather

As soon as the sun is shining brighter, you see people running and otherwise exercising more often; especially in LA. When trying to get back into shape, people might overexert themselves and need assistance at times. You can only help when you have received proper training and are certified by an authorized provider.

Lifeguards Need CPR training in Los Angeles

Once kids are out of school, local community centers and beaches fill up on a daily basis. Lifeguard jobs require CPR certification, so if you are looking for extra work this summer, make sure to take the step and become certified in First Aid and CPR so you are ready to apply for such jobs.

Summer Camp Instructors and CPR

If you want to work as a summer camp counselor or instructor, employers are going to check if you have CPR training on your resume. Accidents can and do happen in summer camp settings, so directors often require that counselors know First Aid as well as CPR before awarding an applicant the job. You will add value to your application with certification.

Hot Weather and the Elderly

Studies show that elderly people with breathing difficulty have the most trouble in summer months. It becomes harder for the body to adapt to hot temperatures as we age. Meanwhile, anyone with an existing condition faces more stress in the warm weather. If you live with or work with the elderly, then it is imperative to have these skill sets in case of an emergency.

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