Should Healthcare Professionals Take CPR Classes from AHA or the Red Cross?

When healthcare professionals get CPR certification in Los Angeles, there are considerations to make. Both the American Heart Association (AHA) and the American Red Cross offer recognized courses in CPR. Here is help understanding the differences between the two as you plan for your job in the healthcare industry.

The AHA Sets the Guidelines

The guidelines for CPR classes are set by the AHA, so both organizations follow the same rules. This fact makes AHA classes more widely known and respected. Unless the guidelines are followed to the letter by Red Cross instructors, you are better off going with training exactly as the AHA intended for healthcare workers.

Comprehensive CPR Certification in Los Angeles

Students familiar with classes from the AHA and Red Cross have noted a difference in difficulty levels. For those who care about the most comprehensive training, AHA classes are known to be more challenging. A survey of passing grades has shown that fewer students pass the AHA classes than the number that passes Red Cross classes.

Same Time Frames and Practices

Despite the more comprehensive AHA training, there is no real difference in the time it takes to attend classes or the cost of CPR certification when you are deciding on a school. Also, neither organization offers full certification through online attendance. Lifesaving skills require in-depth, hands-on training, so there is no option for complete CPR training online.

Industry Standard in Healthcare

Because the AHA sets the guidelines and offers Basic Life Support (BLS) for the Healthcare Provider, most hospitals and doctor networks consider this instruction the industry standard. In any event, it is wise to check with your employer before receiving CPR certification in Los Angeles to make sure you are taking the right class.

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