The Holiday Season Is Upon Us

This time of year represents a cheerful season and plenty of celebration. Although many do not give possible danger during the holidays a second thought, we want to share with you some startling statistics that will help you become more aware of the potential dangers associated with the holiday season. Holiday Toys When it comes… [Read More]

October is SIDS Awareness Month

Most people have heard of the term SIDS. SIDS stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and October is SIDS national awareness month. With almost 4,000 infant deaths annually in the U.S. due to SIDS, it is imperative that parents, family members, caregivers, neighbors, and friends are aware of the risks and precautions one can take… [Read More]

Mandatory CPR Training in Schools

With a new school year fast approaching, there is no better time than to discuss the importance of CPR training in high schools. There are a reported 38 states that mandate CPR training for their students as part of graduation requirements. A few states, including Illinois and Indiana, have exclusionary/waiver clauses. Are you wondering how… [Read More]

Being Prepared for the “What Ifs”

With the fast pace of life these days, people go about their business not concerning themselves with the thought of “what ifs.”Does this describe you? If so, stop and think for a second, what if you encountered a person who was experiencing a life-threatening medical emergency? Would you be prepared to assist that someone? Whether… [Read More]

Should Ribs Break During CPR?

CPR is a vital, life-saving procedure that everyone should be familiar with. However, being familiar with it does not mean not having questions. Perhaps one of the most common inquiries during CPR training in Los Angeles is: should ribs break during CPR? You may have seen articles and memes being shared on social media that… [Read More]