The Holiday Season Is Upon Us

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This time of year represents a cheerful season and plenty of celebration. Although many do not give possible danger during the holidays a second thought, we want to share with you some startling statistics that will help you become more aware of the potential dangers associated with the holiday season.

Holiday Toys

When it comes to the holidays, children take front and center with wish lists for Christmas. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports over 174,000 toy-related ER-treated injuries and the deaths of seven children under the age of 15 occurred in 2016. Unfortunately, toys with moveable or small parts can present a choking hazard to the little ones. Even the wrapping or packaging materials can be a danger to your child. It is imperative that preventative measures are taken to ensure that potentially harmful toys and products are not bought for your kids or family members.

Shoveling Snow

For those who receive significant snowfall during the winter months, shoveling snow a risk for many, especially males. According to Harvard Health, on average 100 men die as a result of cardiac arrest, with many more seeking emergency care for chest pain and other health issues related to shoveling snow. Research has shown that the deeper than snow,thehigher the risk.
Falls and Burn Hazards

Falls and burns are other common holiday injuries that may require emergency treatment. Attempting to hang up holiday decorations accounts for over 10,000 fall injuries every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). During the holiday season one must be aware of the potential for burns, whether they result from decorations, candles or cooking a holiday feast. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports, “Thanksgiving is the leading day for home cooking fires, followed by Christmas Day and Christmas Eve, whereas, candle and decoration fires peak in December.”

Road Trips

Come the holidays, come car accidents, unfortunately. The statistics of lives lost every holiday season should be a poignant reminder of the fragility of life. Over the last several years, the U.S. Department of Transportationstates, “an average of 300 deaths result from drunk driving accidents within the week between Christmas and New Year. In 2016, 781 fatalities from drunk-driving crashes were reported in the month of December.” With an increase of drivers on the road, poor weather conditions, distracted and intoxicated driving, one must be very cautious and take every measure to be vigilant while driving; especially during the holiday season.

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