5 Reasons You Should Choose LifeSaver Team – CPR Training

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CPR Training Los Angeles

CPR is definitely a necessary life skill to know due to the unpredictability factor of life. Making time for proper CPR training can take effort; hence, you should only seek out the best. LifeSaver Team is your one stop shop for all CPR, First Aid, and AED training. Here’s why:

  1. The best trainers in the field

    When it comes to CPR training, the most important factor is the professional trainers. Our trainers are highly experienced expert trainers take every precaution in making sure all aspects are covered and are always here for extra help and support as needed. When dealing with LifeSaver Team, you’re dealing with the best!

  2. Hands-on classes

    Our CPR classes focus on practice-based learning rather than theory. From the get-go you will be training in a highly practical way and getting involved in realistic lifesaving situations.

  3. Excellent training equipment

    We provide the very best equipment for your CPR training, meaning that the classes will be as lifelike and challenging as possible.

  4. Authorized training providers

    Life Saver Team CPR is an authorized training provider of the American Heart Association (AHA). Our classes meet / exceed the required standards set by the AHA.

  5. Rapid learning of lifesaving skills

    Our classes equip you with lifesaving skills in a matter of hours. This is a small investment that offers a large potential payoff in the event where you are called upon to help save a life! Once you are CPR certified, you will be required to retrain every 2 years to keep your skills fresh and up-to-date.

  6. CPR training is a vital skill that can literally save lives. Get certified with the LifeSaver Team today! For further information or to review our class schedules please visit www.lifesaverteamcpr.com or contact us at (818) 687-7283.

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