5 Situations Where CPR Training Can Save Lives

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How CPR training can save  lives

Anyone considering CPR training in Los Angeles should know that 92% of people who experience cardiac arrest die before they make it to a hospital. Knowing how to help with basic CPR skills usually triples a person’s chances of survival, and you never know when help may be needed. Here are five situations where knowing CPR skills could save a life.

  1. At Home with an Elderly Family Member

    According to the American Heart Association, 88% of cardiac arrests (outside of hospitals) happen at home. That means you are most likely to help a family member when CPR certified. Often, victims show no signs of an impending attack and lead healthy lives.

  2. At the Gym

    Another place where cardiac arrest is common is at the gym. Spinning classes and other strenuous activities can lead to cardiac arrest when someone is not aware of a heart condition. A quick response is crucial, and you can be prepared by being CPR certified.

  3. In the Workplace

    Sometimes, there are no warning signs for cardiac arrest. Coworkers may be simply going about their business in the office when they lose consciousness and stop breathing. In every workplace, someone should be prepared with CPR skills.

  4. Students

    Cardiac arrest endangers every race and age group in the population, including young students. If you supervise children in any class or sport activity, knowing how to respond to an emergency could be the difference between life and death.

  5. Anytime

    Because no one plans to have a heart attack or stroke, situations arise every day on the street where someone needs medical attention. Whether riding public transportation, walking down the street or taking your children to the park, your help may be needed.

  6. CPR training gives you the tools to save lives in a number of situations. Find out how easy it is to learn these lifesaving skills today. For further information or review our class schedules please visit www.LifeSaverTeamCPR.com or contact us at (818) 687-7283.

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