CPR Course FAQ

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Frequently Asked questions in CPR classes

We get a lot of questions from people interested in taking one of our CPR classes in Los Angeles. There is a considerable amount of information to take in and in this article, we answer some of the frequently asked questions.

  1. Which course do you recommend for the layperson who does not necessarily work in a healthcare-related profession?

    Our Heartsaver CPR course is intended for a general audience. The curriculum teaches rapid diagnosis of the warning signs of life-threatening events such as cardiac arrest, choking and strokes. We also instruct you on how to effectively treat these conditions. Notably, you can choose the age group that you wish to help in particular. This can include opting for all ages or specializing in pediatric or adult CPR.

  2. Do you offer CPR training to children?

    Yes. The Heartsaver CPR in Schools course teaches a wide range of CPR skills to young students. The intended age range is from middle school to high school.

  3. Can I train in other languages other than English?

    We also offer CPR instruction in Spanish language. This is available on a per request basis.

  4. How long does it take to become CPR certified?

    This depends on the required level needed for your specific needs. Healthcare providers / professionals may need a higher proficiency than others, which would require a bit more training. However, most of our basic courses take just 2-4 hours in total.

    If you are interested in receiving premium CPR training in Los Angeles, look no further than LifeSaver Team CPR. We are true professionals who will expertly train you to help save lives! For further information about our courses and training curriculum please contact us at 818-687-7283 or visit www.LifeSaverTeamCPR.com.

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