Group CPR Training Makes Your Company Stronger

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There are many reasons why CPR training in Los Angeles makes sense. Since most emergencies take place in the home, anyone with certification has the chance to save the life of a loved one. When you offer CPR classes to your company, you can pass on these valuable lessons to your team while building a bond between employees.

Preparing to Save Lives

Learning CPR and other life-saving techniques prepares you to respond to emergencies. Whether your team includes employees of advanced age or heavy smokers, there is a chance someone in your office will be required to help someone whose heart has stopped beating. It can be a scary situation.

When your employees learn CPR, there is a certain comfort level around the office. Everyone knows there is a better chance of living to make it to the hospital when you go through CPR training. Normally, chest compressions are enough to keep someone breathing until doctors take over the job. This crucial life-saving tool is part of every CPR class.

Building the Bond Between Employees

Some companies have annual barbecues, holiday parties or retreats designed to build a bond among different departments and the workforce as a whole. These events do great things to cement the bond between office workers, but providing them with a CPR class on your company’s premises is even better.

First of all, you are telling your team members that they matter to you by offering them a chance to learn life saving techniques that will last a life time. Second, you are giving them a gift they can use at home. Statistics show that the overwhelming majority of people (90%) who suffer cardiac arrest do so at home.

When receiving CPR training in Los Angeles, your employees learn how to potentially help anyone anywhere. It is a wonderful gift to give your team and is guaranteed to strengthen the bond between employees on the job. For more information or inquiries, please visit or contact us at 818-687-7283. We look forward to hearing from you!

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