Mandatory CPR Training in Schools

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CPR and First Aid training in Los Angeles
With a new school year fast approaching, there is no better time than to discuss the importance of CPR training in high schools. There are a reported 38 states that mandate CPR training for their students as part of graduation requirements. A few states, including Illinois and Indiana, have exclusionary/waiver clauses.

Are you wondering how crucial it is younger generations be required to learn this living saving procedure?

According to the American Heart Association, more than “475,000 Americans die each year from cardiac arrest. More than 350,000 cardiac arrests occur outside of the hospital with 9 out of 10 dying. However, immediately administering CPR to one in need can double or triple a person’s chance of survival.”
These statistics should be a wake-up call for everyone, including our youth. CPR training as a component of high school graduation requirements seems evident. The opportunity to save a life could be in their hands, and it is society’s responsibility to ensure they are adequately equipped.

If your state does not mandate CPR training as a graduation requirement and you want to ensure your child is prepared for a potential life threatening situation? You can enroll your child for the necessary classes to become CPR and First Aid certified at a reputable local provider. The courses range from two to three hours in length and are generally taught by a AHA instructor.

As a parent, you prepare your child with the foundation he or she would need to be a smart and kind citizen in society. Why not gift them with a lifetime skillset that has the potential of saving another’s life.
As Los Angeles’ most sought after training providers, LifeSaver Team sets the ground work for the best CPR and First Aid training in Los Angeles. For further information or to see a schedule of classes and programs please visit, or contact LifeSaverTeam at 818-687-7283 with any questions.

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