October is SIDS Awareness Month

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Most people have heard of the term SIDS. SIDS stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and October is SIDS national awareness month. With almost 4,000 infant deaths annually in the U.S. due to SIDS, it is imperative that parents, family members, caregivers, neighbors, and friends are aware of the risks and precautions one can take in the hope of preventing another death of a child.

According to the CDC, SIDS and other sleep-related deaths occur to infants between the ages of one month to one year. There is not a specific cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and no “cure” or guarantee for preventing a child’s death from SIDS. However, there are several measures you can practice that will hopefully help reduce the number of fatalities.

  • Always place baby on its back when sleeping. Regardless of whether it’s for a nap or bedtime, a child placed on their back is less likely to experience Sudden Infant Death Syndrome than those placed on their stomachs or sides.
  • Never use a soft surface, such a memory foam type mattress. A firm sleeping surface will reduce the chance of a sleep-related death.
  • Eliminate all soft toys, loose bedding, blankets and such from your infant’s sleeping area. Their presence could result in suffocation or other sleep-related death.
  • Secondhand smoke has also been shown to be a significant risk factor for SIDS. For your health and your child’s it is recommended you quit smoking and abstain your child from that type of environment.

If you or someone you know has an infant, why not consider taking an awareness course that could possibly help save a life? A CPR for Family and Friends Awareness Course will provide information on the signs of a cardiac arrest, heart attack, stroke, and choking. The course will also focus on signs of choking in infants, how to reduce the potential for sudden infant death syndrome and the prevention of other common fatal injuries in children.

In recognition of SIDS awareness month contact the highly reputable LifeSaver Team at 818-687-7283 for questions about the awareness course. For further information about additional First Aid training in Los Angeles, or class or program schedules, please visit www.LifeSaverTeamCPR.com.

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