Saving Lives with Your Bare Hands

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It doesn’t take a medical degree or sophisticated equipment to help save a life. Knowledge of First Aid will help you treat the victims or burns, wounds and heart problems with just a pair of hands and some basic skills. Here is what you will learn from our First Aid Training in Los Angeles .

Initial Care for Injury and Illness

You never know when your child will get hurt playing in the park or a loved one will need assistance when choking. These events happen without warning and become more serious when no one can help with initial care. This first response is the point of First Aid instruction. Proper training allows you to get victims to the hospital in better shape than they would have without treatment.

The skills include bandaging body parts to prevent excessive bleeding, splinting broken bones to minimize damage, helping people who are choking and providing resuscitation to people with cardiac arrest or some other type of attack. Without this assistance, many lives are lost, not to mention the injuries that become worse without proper attention.

The Process of First Aid Training in Los Angeles

LifeSaver Team First Aid training lasts between three and four hours depending if your focus is adults-only or pediatric. In both cases, you learn the basics of CPR and how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED). It is the complete package for anyone who works with children or wants to help those experiencing an emergency.

Since most cases of cardiac arrest happen at home, chances are the people you’ll end up helping are your loved ones. You’ll know how to handle overheating, allergic reactions, insect stings, animal bites and many more mishaps that occur in the course of normal life.

All it takes is some basic instruction and the ability to act fast to minimize damage and save lives with your bare hands. Trust Lifesaver Team CPR for the best First Aid Training in Los Angeles. For further information or inquiries about classes offered please contact us at 818-687-7283 or visit

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