Taking Action During National CPR Week

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Every June, the American Heart Association (AHA) sponsors National CPR Week to communicate the importance of simple life-saving actions like CPR. Instead of trying to teach a class in a minute, the AHA emphasizes education and quick action when someone is experiencing cardiac arrest. The best way to be prepared for any emergency is taking CPR classes in Los Angeles.

Disturbing Stats about Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac arrests outside of hospitals happen at a rate of about 50 people per hour in the United States. Of those 1,200 people who need help, only about 10 percent survive these attacks. The chances drastically improve when someone who knows CPR steps in to help. According to the AHA numbers, the chances of survival triple when someone offers help.

Help can mean something as simple as pumping a person’s chest in rapid succession (about the rate of 100 times per minute) while help arrives. With CPR classes, you can learn how to save a life by just using your hands. For more serious cases (including strokes), you learn how to treat victims while waiting for help.

A Small Commitment for a Huge Impact

Taking CPR classes requires only a small commitment to gain the power and skill set to save lives. In some cases, you’ll have the training you need in just two hours. While if you commit a little more time, you can get special certifications to use in the workplace, whether you work in a healthcare industry or in places where the elderly or young children may become in need of help.

Of course, statistics show that 90 percent of those who suffer cardiac arrest do so at home. That means you are most likely to save someone you love if the opportunity arises and you are trained in CPR. For only a few hours of your time, it is possible to make a difference. This year during National CPR Week, take the initiative and get started. For more information or view the schedule of classes please visit www.LifeSaverTeamCPR.com or contact us at 818.687.7283 with any questions.

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