Why CPR Training Means Saving Lives of Loved Ones

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When someone experiences heart failure – the sudden loss of blood pumping into the heart – almost always happens at home. Statistics show that 90% of everyone who suffers heart failure loses consciousness in their homes.

Taking Action with CPR

Are you prepared to save the life; especially a loved one? CPR Certification in Los Angeles prepares you to perform the basic functions that can save a life. Right now, very few people survive attacks of heart failure and end up dying before they even get to the hospital.

When you have the ability to confront the situation, stay calm and begin addressing heart failure, you can save a life of a family member, spouse, neighbor or friend. Babies who suffer from breathing problems, older relatives in the home and neighbors who live alone face serious risks every day. CPR Certification gives you the tools to acknowledge the action needed and perform simple steps that help people stay alive until an ambulance arrives.

CPR and First Aid in Short Classes

Often, simple chest compressions can reactivate someone’s breathing. In a situation where someone has a bleeding wound, knowing how to limit the bleeding could be the difference between life and death. From adults who care about aging parents to heads of the household who want to protect young children, there are so many reasons to have First Aid and CPR training.

Full CPR Certification in Los Angeles only requires a few hours of classes but teaches you how to respond to emergencies such as choking and cardiac arrest and out how to recognize a stroke or heart attack. Instead of panicking and watching a loved suffer, you have the ability/ skill set to take action and make a huge impact on someone’s life.

The numbers show that the people you will have to help are not strangers. They are most likely going to be your family members/friends. Find out how to get started with CPR classes today. For more information or review the list of classes and schedules please visit www.LifeSaverTeamCPR.com or contact us at 818.687.7283 with any questions.

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