Why Online CPR Training is Not of Value

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There are many reasons why one would to be CPR certified. It could be that you want a job where CPR certification is required or you may just want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are prepared for emergencies. Whatever the reason may be for your desire to certified, it is very important to make sure that you get proper training via a course that actually equips you with the skills that you will need to accurately provide CPR.

Since CPR courses are one of the most commonly sought types of medical training, you will find that there are a lot of websites that offer training and certification without ever having to leave your home. To many consumers this may seem like a great idea and a great value, but the buyer should beware. These classes don’t really deliver on what they promise and you may spend your time and money and not get what you expected.

The first thing that an individual should understand is that you cannot really learn CPR online. Sure, you can learn about the techniques that are used and see how another individual applies them, but real CPR training requires hands-on practice with an experienced instructor.

Basically, what you get from an online CPR certification course is an hour or so of watching videos and possibly a questions and answers test that takes a few minutes. At the end of this, they let you download and print a certification card that looks official. Whether the skills to actually perform CPR have been provided to the student and whether an employer will actually accept the certification are a different story all together.

The solution to this problem is to seek training from an instructor that offers courses that are approved by a reputable organization. These would include groups like the American Red Cross, the American Heart Association, the National Safety Council and the American Safety & Health Institute. Instructors that are certified by these organizations are ones capable of successfully training students and helping them with skill set necessary to help others in need.

The LifeSaver Team offers American Heart Association authorized CPR certification in Los Angeles. That means our students get real CPR training that is based on the most up to date science. Along with having the CPR training that could help you to save lives, you also get certification from the AHA, which is accepted by employers that require CPR certification. For more information about classes and schedules please visit www.lifesaverteamcpr.com/course.php or contact us at 818-687-7283.

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