Will CPR Training Soon Become Mandatory in California?

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When you know how to perform CPR, you are most likely to use your skills helping someone you know. It may be a friend or classmate or (most likely) a relative at home. So why isn’t CPR training part of every high school education? Recently, lawmakers in New Jersey made CPR training part of the required curriculum. California has every reason to be next.

Practical Educations

Of all the required courses in state schools, it can seem strange that lifesaving skills are not part of the curriculum. New Jersey Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno changed that in recent months by signing a law that makes CPR one of the state’s requirements for high school students.

Guadagno’s move makes sense on many levels. High school students have the opportunity to help classmates, family members and strangers for that matter by learning these skills. Everyone would agree that learning CPR and First Aid is at least as important as physical education. California, one of the most progressive states in the country, has every reason to follow down this path.

CPR Training for Professionals

Healthcare professionals and anyone who will benefit from learning lifesaving skills can become certified on their free time. Lifesaver Team CPR courses allow you to get full CPR training at a number of convenient times during the week. Whether you are obligated to learn CPR for your career or want to be prepared for an emergency, it only takes a small time commitment to become certified.

What will you do with CPR training if you do not need it for work? Research shows that people suffer cardiac arrest at home 90 percent of the time, which means you are most likely to help someone you love in a time of need. CPR skills allow you to help and provide the necessary time for he or she to reach the hospital for professional medical care.

There are many reasons why CPR should be part of a standard curriculum in all Los Angeles schools. Once you learn these lifesaving skills, your world becomes a safer place to live. For more information or schedule of classes please visit www.LifeSaverTeamCPR.com or contact us at 818.687.7283.

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