The Holiday Season Is Upon Us

This time of year represents a cheerful season and plenty of celebration. Although many do not give possible danger during the holidays a second thought, we want to share with you some startling statistics that will help you become more aware of the potential dangers associated with the holiday season. Holiday Toys When it comes… [Read More]


Among many other daily comforts—like water, food or sunny days in Los Angeles—it’s easy to take for granted what we have, including life itself. After watching hundreds of movies where there is always a hero around to save grandpa from choking to death with a steak or your 11-year-old cousin from drowning after a wave… [Read More]

6 Benefits of First Aid and CPR training

In a big metropolitan area like Los Angeles, you’re going to interact with countless people every day and will be in close proximity as you go about your business. The vast majority of these interactions will be routine, but sometimes a medical emergency will arise, and if you’re prepared, you can take a potential tragedy… [Read More]